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Finally: a Saudi prince who is eloquent and articulate

Meet Prince `Abdul-`Aziz Bin Fahd.

Ben-Gurion and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

"Some readers may find it hard, as I did, to read Shapira’s brief treatment of the moment in 1948 when the commanders Yigal Allon and Yitzhak Rabin came to Ben-Gurion asking whether to carry out “a large-scale population evacuation.” Rabin reported that Ben-Gurion responded with a wave of the hand, saying “Expel them.” Shapira explains here that while he forbade the evacuation of some areas, like Nazareth, “like most of his ministers, he saw the Arabs’ exodus as a great miracle, one of the most important in that year of miracles, since the presence of a hostile population constituting some 40 percent of the new state’s total populace did not augur well for the future.”

Shapira doesn’t subject this incident to any ethical scrutiny or judgment, reporting it almost matter-of-factly. She does, however, note that given the history of the time — which included moving enormous masses of people across Europe and carrying out huge population transfers as part of the partition that divided Pakistan from India — Ben-Gurion’s decision wasn’t beyond the norm. “The decision not to allow the return of the Arab refugees was accepted as self-evident, and gained broad public support.”"

And now a paid word from Tony Blair

"Statement by Tony Blair on the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz"

unsurprisingly, it turns out that Liz Sly is also a propagandist for the House of Saud

This article by Liz Sly and her colleague deserves to be reprinted (and it will be) in full in a Saudi mouthpiece of princes.  She basically argues that the US is not catering enough to the Kingdom of horrors in its foreign policy.  Notice that not one critic of House of Saudi is cited in the article.

Senator MecCain on Islamic history

"“We’ve got thousands of foreigners over there in the largest caliphate in history,”".   There was a time when the caliphate, you ill-informed amateur, stretched from Western China to the Europe--and whatever else was in between.  

These Are The Most Stressed Out Countries

Here, an expert cited in the New York Times explains why the Houthis are not Hizbullah

"“They are domestic, homegrown, and have very deep roots in Yemen".  You see, Hizbullah is not domestic and is not homegrown and does not have deep roots in Lebanon.

The real Kingdom of horrors

"THE Western response to the death of Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, king of Saudi Arabia and custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, followed two paths. Along one, various officials and luminaries offered the gestures — half-mast flags, public obsequies — expected when a great statesman enters the hereafter. John Kerry described the late monarch as “a man of wisdom and vision” and a “revered leader.” Tony Blair called him a “modernizer of his country” and a “staunch advocate of interfaith relations,” who was “loved by his people and will be deeply missed.”  Along the other path, anyone outside Western officialdom was free to tell the fuller truth: that Abdullah presided over one of the world’s most wicked nonpariah states, whose domestic policies are almost cartoonishly repressive and whose international influence has been strikingly malign. His dynasty is founded on gangsterish control over a precious natural resource, sustained by an unholy alliance with a most cruel interpretation of Islam and protected by the United States and its allies out of fear of worse alternatives if it fell."

Saudi students in the US

"But the cultural gap is narrowing. Many members of the next generation of Saudi leaders studied in the United States, where there are currently about 54,000 Saudis studying. Gause said that the new generation “learned at their fathers’ knees that America was their big relationship.”" Anyone who thinks that the Saudi students in the US are automatic believers in the US-Saudi alliance is someone who has not freely listened to Saudi students in the US.  Furthermore, take into consideration that Saudi students are less likely to speak freely to someone if they think he is a supporter of the House of Saud.

The dirty hands of Israel, everywhere

"You approved the transfer of arms from the State of Israel – and not only through arms dealers – to Rwanda, and the Serbia of Slobodan Miloševic and the Serbian forces while the genocide was in progress.   The whole world knew about it in real time, and both of you also definitely knew.  Attorney Itai Mack and I have been working to uncover the facts about the arms deals that were carried out while the genocide was in progress, and when the United Nations had imposed an embargo on such sales. "

British hoping to profit from Saudi dungeons

"The UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is hoping to profit from selling its expertise to the prison service in Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for public beheadings, floggings, amputations and courts that regularly violate human rights. A new commercial arm of the justice ministry, staffed by civil servants, has bid for a £5.9m contract in Saudi Arabia."

U.S. poised to violate nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), again

"Nuclear commerce worth billions of dollars was meant to be the centrepiece of a new strategic relationship between the United States and India, allowing New Delhi access to nuclear technology and fuel without giving up its weapons programme."

the global nuclear threat

"Between 2014 and 2023, the United States expects to spend $355 billion to modernize its nuclear arsenal."

Free speech in France?

"French authorities have arrested dozens of people — including a comedian — for appearing to praise the terrorists or encourage more attacks. That has unleashed accusations of a double standard, in which free speech applies to those who mock Islam while Muslims are penalized for expressing their own provocative views. Many Muslims complain that France aggressively prosecutes anti-Semitic slurs, but that they are not protected from similar racist speech."

Foreign fighters

"Australian jihadis Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar have been accused of enslaving and raping women from the Yazidi religious minority in northern Iraq." (thanks Amir)

King Abdullah Was Not A Reformer

A list of alternative reformers in the Gulf.

Muhammad bin Salman: the new Saudi Minister of Defense

Since the media coverage of the House of Saudi is corrupted (both in Arab and Western media) you should know that while Salman is mostly loved in Riyadh, his spoiled brat, Muhammad (who is to Salman what `Abdul-`Aziz was to Fahd) is hated and nicknamed "Muhammad the shit" by people in Riyadh for his corruption and land grabs.

Hizbullah delegation at the Saudi embassy

A Hizbullah delegation visited the Saudi embassy and offered condolences.  It thanked the Saudi King for his sectarian war in the region and for supporting Israeli aggression on Lebanon.

Angry Arab to Riyadh?

I feel that I am the only Lebanese who has not flown to Riyadh to offer condolences and to pledge allegiance to the new king.  Nabih Berri was inconsolable. 

Guess who flew to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences?

Suha Dollar Arafat.

Saudi school children pledging alleagiance to the new king

Watch here.

Dempsey Sponsors Essay Competition to Honor Saudi King

"The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has established a research and essay competition in honor of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz hosted by the National Defense University." (thanks Laleh)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Angelina Jolie

I just wish that Angelina Jolie would stop pontificating on foreign affairs.  Adoption of multiple foreign children does not make one an expert on foreign affairs.

Shayma' As-Sabbagh: a socialist martyr from Egypt

It is clear: Western media can't get to concede that there are Arab socialists, communists, and anarchists.  In most Western media, Shayma' As-Sabbah was identified as a "liberal". Where did you get that? She belonged to an organization that is titled as Popular Socialist Democratic Alliance. 

elections of the teachers' syndicate in Lebanon today: Hizbullah proves yet again, it is a right-wing movement

For those on the left who may still suffer from delusions, Hizbullah proves once again that it is a right-wing reactionary movement when it comes to class struggle and the war on capitalism.  Make no mistake about it.

There is one thing I like about the Jordanian potentate

Unlike other Arab potentate, he seems acutely aware that he is quite dumb.  I like that about him.

Please rest assured: foregin correspondents of the Times are highly trained individuals

"Correction: January 23, 2015 

An earlier version of this article misidentified the president of Syria. He is Bashar al-Assad, not Hafez al-Assad, Bashar’s father and a former president."

Secret Israeli agents and the rule of Gen. Buhari

"It involved Israeli secret agents, giant packing crates and anesthetic drugs."

This Israeli fanatic called for nuking Iran, so New York Times thought that this was cute and profiled her

"like suggesting that Israel drop a nuclear bomb on Tehran."

House member, Richard Hanna

This Arabic paper declares that member of the US House of Representative, Richard Hanna (of Lebanese descent) is "Arabist in politics and culture".  In fact, he is a rabid Zionist

the Huthi takeover of Sanaa

Let us face it: despite my detestation of the Huthis and their ideology, their takeover of Yemen was largely bloodless.  Of course, they are pitted against Al-Qa`idah which is supported by House of Saud.

Maternity leave around the world

Embedded image permalink

The Bahraini pro-democracy movement, 4 years later

"just yesterday, an activist was apparently shot in the face by security forces while protesting, an incident caught on video. Gathered here are images of Bahrain's continued uprising, taken over the past year."

ISIS indistinguishable from Saudi Arabia

"Most egregious of all was the lack of any acknowledgement that the Saudi royal family promoted the puritanical ideology that created al-Qaeda and its offshoots. The kingdom is the cradle of Wahhabism, the extreme form of Islam that put the Saud family in power and keeps it there. The Saudis are almost as enthusiastic about public beheadings as their mortal enemy Isis, which shocked the world with videos of Western hostages about to suffer this awful fate. Where do people think Isis got the idea? Both al-Qaeda and IS want to restore a mostly imaginary caliphate that  would be, in many respects, indistinguishable from Saudi Arabia."

"“Nice to see a movie where the Arabs are portrayed for who they really are - vermin scum intent on destroying us"

“Great fucking movie and now I really want to kill some fucking ragheads,” read one tweet, in a set of screenshots that quickly went viral after being collated by journalist Rania Khalek for the online publication Electronic Intifada. “American sniper makes me wanna go shoot some fuckin Arabs,” read another. One tweet read: “Nice to see a movie where the Arabs are portrayed for who they really are - vermin scum intent on destroying us.”

Muslim school children across Britain are suffering bullying & abuse

"In one case, a teenage Muslim pupil at a school in Oxfordshire was this week allegedly slapped and called a “terrorist” by classmates after a teacher raised the murders of 12 people at the French magazine in a classroom discussion and suggested Muslims should be “challenged” by the display of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The boy told his parents he did not wish to return to school." (thanks Amir)

The first design of an e-reader: quite practical to carry on a plane

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Terrorism in Egypt

The terrorist threat is real in Egypt: and it is represented by the Egyptian state and its military and intelligence arms.

According to Al-Hayat (mouthpiece of Khalid bin Sultan) "sports misses" the king--kid you not.

"They call themselves journalists"

From Basim: "The Al-Hayat newspaper carried full-page advertisements on Sunday pledging support for Salman and condolences on the death of Abdullah."

Zahran `Allush

This war criminal who takes responsibility for the indiscriminate shelling of Damascus and who warned Muslims to leave the city so he can slaughter the infidels is a graduate of the Islamic University in Madinah in Saudi Arabia.  His training shows in his words and deeds.

Yes, they would never press him Obama on Saudi Arabia which--let us say--is far less democratic than India

"NYTimes: Human Rights Groups Press Obama on India"

A Jewish delegation visits the tomb of Jihad Imad Mughniyyah

Signs of fissures in the ranks of 2nd generation Saudi princes

 Embedded image permalink  This is from the Twitter account of Prince Al-Walid bin Talal: he says that he "took the oath of acclamation" (mubaya`ah) for "my father" Salman and "my father" Muqrin but then added "and I congratulated my brother Prince Muhammad bin Nayif".  He did not use the word for mubaya`ah.  Also, on the second page of Al-Hayat (today's issue), the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid bin Sultan, under the picture it says: "The servitor of the two holy sites, the crown prince and Muhammad bin Nayif".  It did not in the caption use his title. 

Simplicity of burial in Saudi Arabia

Please. Enough of this silly propaganda about the simplicity of burial of the Saudi king. This has nothing to do with modesty or with simplicity: this is part and parcel of the Saudi Wahhabi doctrine which forbids that grave to be above ground and which insists on unmarked graves to prevent the transformation of grave-sites into shrines.