Thursday, May 28, 2015

This is the segment that was censored from the confronatation between a Saudi citizen and Muhammad bin Nayif

Banners in Qatif protesting the Saudi regime's takfir in Shi`ites in school curricula

Shi`ite Obama

People in English language world are not aware: do you know that it is now quite common to read in Saudi and Qatari regime media that Obama is a Shi`ite Muslim and that this is the real motive of all his foreign policies? Kid you not.

Finally, the enlightened are given a voice in foreign policy and tolerance in the US

"Armed Bikers Plan to Draw Cartoons of Mohammed Outside a Mosque in Arizona"

Nusrah interview

A leader of Nusrah to the right interviews Abu Muhammad Julani, to the left.  Is it me or Julani looks smiling in this picture?

Anti-Shi`ite sectarianism in Hariri media

This is from Al-Mustaqbal, the mouthpiece of Hariri family: "In order to understand the shameful stance of the bulk of Shi`ites in Lebanon, just as the `Alawites in Syria".

A Saudi citizen in a conversation with Muhammad bin Nayif accuses the Saudi regime of complicity in crime

Look at minute 3:00. This clip censored out a longer version (which I will post later) in which this man also names the various channels of Saudi princes which incites against Shi`ites.

Nusrah and Nusrah Light: Terrorism and Terrorism Light

So Abu Muhammad Al-Julani didn't sever ties with Al-Qa`idah and yet the Arab oil and gas media is declaring the man to be a true liberal, democrat. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia Has Already Topped Last Year’s Total Number of Executions

"The number of executions conducted by Saudi Arabia in the first five months of 2015 has already exceeded the total number of people executed in the Middle Eastern country last year.

The latest beheadings of convicted drug smugglers Awad al-Rowaili and Lafi al-Shammary were carried out Tuesday amid concerns from human rights activists about the country's soaring rate of executions for non-violent offenses.

Murder and drug-related crimes account for a majority of Saudi Arabia's executions.

The two men — both Saudi nationals — were put to death in the northern region of Jawf, Saudi Arabia's interior ministry said in a statement, according to the official Saudi Press Agency."

FLASH: Abu Muhammad Al-Julani

He is about to announce (under Qatari regime pressure) that he will sever ties with Ayman Dhawahiri and will thus become a feminist, liberal, secular, democratic Islamist Jihadi terrorist, and for that he wants Western and Gulf money and arms but openly this time. Congratulations for yet another democratic ally of the West in the Arab world. 

PA has no money, it says, but has money for this giant paster of the PA puppet of Israel

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CNN Arabic

CNN Arabic is so hilarious in its production of propaganda from Hariri and Saudi media that it devoted a whole articles to tweets against Nasrallah, as if there are no tweets against Saudi King or Hariri.

Iranian trial of the WP correspondent

Why can't Iran resort to the transparent and fair trials of US clients, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, or even the US-run Kangaroo Hariri court in the Hague?  Why?

Can Western powers spare us their "peacekeeping" forces, please?

"“Petit, viens,” — little boy, come here — a French soldier called out at a checkpoint in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic.

For five months, an unknown number of people in the French forces, sent to protect civilians from the violence tearing the country apart, forced boys to perform oral sex on them, according to testimonies collected by the United Nations. The boys, aged 9 to 15, said they had sometimes been lured with the promise of military rations."

Wait? Did Anne Barnard change her tune?

For a few years she and other Western correspondents in Beirut have been maintaining that the Syrian regime avoids fighting ISIS, what gives?? "The group survived years of battles against Syrian government forces".  Which is which, Ms. Barnard?

These are the only Palestinians that the West likes, really

Why is it that the only Palestinians that the West (governments, media, and human rights organizations) care about are those murderous collaborators of Israeli occupation who direct Israeli bombers over Palestine?

"Will Aleppo become the capital of a new Caliphate?"

"The plan, drawn up by the insurgency’s three most powerful regional backers - Turkey, Saudi and Qatar - is to overrun the entire northwest of Syria and create a rebel controlled “safe zone,” and through direct military intervention prevent the Syrian regime’s aircraft and missiles from targeting it, thereby essentially setting up a de facto mini state." "This is what the nations who claim to back the Syrian people’s aspirations for freedom and a democratic inclusive state have deemed fit to unleash upon us. After failing to topple the Syrian regime for four years and realising there would never be any political compromise that would fit their goals, they have now decided to partition Syria and facilitate its partial takeover by jihadists."

EU plan for military intervention against "refugee boats"

"The documents mark a departure from previous EU military strategy in its overt targeting of civilian infrastructure in Libya. Numerous EU countries, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom participated in NATO-led air strikes on Libya in 2011."

Two thirds of Yemen without clean water

"Oxfam said on Tuesday that the Saudi-led coalition carrying out airstrikes against Houthi rebels has contributed to an extra three million Yemenis being denied drinking water. This means, according to Oxfam, that at least 16 million out of a population of 24 million do not have access to clean water and sanitation. The water shortage has brought a genuine threat of potentially life-threatening illnesses becoming widespread, including malaria, cholera and diarrhoea, Oxfam said." (thanks Amir)

"nusra guy confirms that the uighurs or turkmenistanis played the main role in jisr shughur"

(thanks N.)

CNN Arabic website

Do people get to see CNN Arabic website? It is a mere reproduction of Hariri and Saudi propaganda.  I kid you not.  Word for word.

"At Your Command, o [King] Salman"

What about the slogan "At your command, o King Salman" which has been made into a poem?  And senior cleric, `A'id Al-Qarni ruled that such slogan are permissible when addressed to living people.

How Saudi regime perceives itself

From Basim: "Doctor Toufic al-Sudairi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, told Al Arabiya News that the ministry is tightening its rule of criminalizing anyone who raises the slogan of sectarianism, or who mobilizes people in its name. “The Ministry of Islamic Affair’s approach is represented in committing to Saudi Arabia’s moderate and centrist message and in equally treating (Saudi citizens),” Sudairi said."


From Saad: "Not Coincidental:
Just when FIFA was considering kicking Israel out of international competitions, the US came out with the indictments of some top official."

Are the Shi`ites of Qatif wishing to replicate the gender segregation and repression of House of Saud?

I was disgusted to see that women were banned from the funeral processions in Qatif in the wake of the bombing in Qadih.  I received this official religious statement which was used to ban women from participating (although some women violated the ban and participated). Do the Shi`ites of Qatif wish to replicate the gender rules of House of Saud? Qatif was historically a more socially liberal place in the area.

Ambassador Robert Ford parades with his moderate Syrian rebels

  From Fadi: "Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, in northern Syria in May 2013 with rebel “Free” Syrian Army Colonel Abdul-Jabbar who at that time was head of the western backed and funded Aleppo Military Council (video here). Above right: “Free” Syrian Army Colonel Abdul-Jabbar with ISIS Emir Abu Jandal after their forces jointly capture Menagh Military Airbase in Aleppo province, August 2013"

"At your command, o Husayn"

Regarding the Iraqi military slogan in the operation for Ramadi, "At your command, o Husayn" (and not the other lousy translations that I have seen in Western media of the slogans).   As I wrote in Arabic this morning, religious slogans and chants mean nothing to me: they sound like those who call on people to buy fruits and vegetables from their carts in Lebanese streets (when I was a child).  I prefer "At Your command, o Habash" or "At your command, o Marx" but why is the Saudi media (and by extension these days, Western media) regarding this slogan as sectarian in nature?  Husayn is the grandson of the Prophet, who is the prophet of Sunnis and Shi`ites alike. Husayn was never a divisive figure among Muslims and the calling of his name was never seen as sectarian or provocative, although the (Sunni?) US Department of Defense objected to the slogan, as if the US was not a full partner in crime in the sectarian war launched by the Saudi government after 2003, and especially in the wake of the humiliation of the Israeli army in 2006 in South Lebanon.  Saudi Arabia wanted to help Israel by finding a way to undermine wide Arab and Muslim support for resistance movements in the region.  Furthermore, it is telling about the skewed standards and criteria that the blatant and explicit and grotesque discussions in Saudi and Qatari media about the wholesale extermination of all Alawites does not generate US condemnation but this slogan does.  

Zionists liars and fabricators: for the umpteenth time already

"“The real aim of BDS is to bring down the state of Israel,” California State University professor As’ad AbuKhalil has said. “There should not be any equivocation on the subject. Justice and freedom for the Palestinians are incompatible with the existence of the state of Israel.”" For the umpteenth time: I never said the first sentence cited and widely circulated by Zionists. I said: that the aim of BDS should be to bring down the state of Israel. I never said that it actually is.  But then again: since when do Zionists care about truth?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This website's look and appearance

Is there a more antiquated look and appearance for a blog more than this lousy one?  But this is not to announce a change; I have neither the time or the resources to change it.  Accept its ugliness.

Where do the supporrers of ISIS on Twitter come from?

Embedded image permalink From top to bottom: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, USA, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, UK, and Tunisia.  

So who really supported the Islamist rebels in Syria?

From Ali, Angry Arab's chief correspondent in Turkey: "What Reuters conceals when it reports Turkish government support for Islamist groups, of course US&Saudi cooperation in supporting Islamists, including Al Qaeda linked Ahrar ash-Sham groups.   l Reuters doesn’t eager to mention that it was not just Turkish intelligence operation, but CIA organizing this arm flow into Syria.

“One of the truck drivers, Murat Kışlakçı, was quoted as saying the cargo he carried on Jan. 19 was loaded from a foreign plane at Ankara airport and that he had carried similar shipments before. Reuters was unable to contact Kışlakçı.”

Reuters of course, doesn’t detail the ‘foreign plane’ in Esenboga, but Turkish press, when covering this scandal, emphasized more on the issue. In fact, testimony of the driver, who was stopped in Adana while carrying arms to Syrian border concides with the New York Times report;

With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad”  (…)
From offices at secret locations, American intelligence officers have helped the Arab governments shop for weapons, including a large procurement from Croatia, and have vetted rebel commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive, according to American officials speaking on the condition of anonymity

And this is TIME saying, CIA agents located in southern Turkey, close to Syrian border were in charge about which Syrian armed group should be supported. "

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad

"Security analyst Shoebridge, however, who has tracked Western support for Islamist terrorists in Syria since the beginning of the war, pointed out that the secret Pentagon intelligence report exposes fatal contradictions at the heart of official pronunciations:
“Throughout the early years of the Syria crisis, the US and UK governments, and almost universally the West’s mainstream media, promoted Syria’s rebels as moderate, liberal, secular, democratic, and therefore deserving of the West’s support. Given that these documents wholly undermine this assessment, it’s significant that the West’s media has now, despite their immense significance, almost entirely ignored them.” "


"His lecture on “justice and reconciliation” for Hebrew University, for instance, endorses the Zionist project of establishing a “Jewish national homeland” in Palestine." "In other words, Bassiouni is suggesting in effect that more international assistance and support for Zionist colonization would have made the ultimate dispossession of the Palestinians a more orderly process with fewer troublesome long-term consequences."

Israel's former FM: there are zero gaps between us and Gulf States

"You held a series of secret meetings in Europe with officials from the Gulf States. What did you learn?

"When you sit down with them behind closed doors, they talk just like us. When they met with (US President Barack) Obama this week, they spoke about Iran in the same terms we do – only in much harsher words. At present, there are zero gaps between us and them." "

Racism of Israeli men AND women

"Indeed, Israeli women are now at the forefront of hostility to the Palestinians and their dream of statehood. Take Ayelet Shaked, the 39-year-old justice minister. She is a vocal opponent of a Palestinian state and infamously shared a racist essay that compared Palestinian children to baby snakes during the Gaza war."

Even Sweden bows down to Saudi royals

"The Swedish delegation is scheduled to meet Saudi government officials, as well as Swedish and Saudi businesspeople." “Sweden makes it clear that we should have economic exchanges even with countries that are not fully democratic and do not share our views on all issues,” said Damberg."

UAE intervention does not cause concern in Western capitals--I guess because UAE is a fellow democracy

"During his successful election campaign, Essebsi was dogged by a foreign funding scandal after it was revealed that the UAE had given him a gift of two luxury armoured cars.Opposition politician Anwar Gharbi seized on Farhat’s claims, demanding the establishment of an all-party parliamentary committee to investigate reports that the UAE had sought to use its influence to “destroy our country”.“The intervention of the UAE in Tunisian affairs is extremely dangerous, and represents a clear attack against the country and its people,” he told local news site Quds Press."

Saudi media blaming Iran for bombing of a Shi`ite mosque by ISIS

This is not new. Saudi media are blaming Iran for ISIS bombing of a Shi`ite mosque in Al-Qadih.

corruption and Israeli officials

It has to be said that not only corruption in Israel is as widespread as many Arab countries, but that the Israeli justice system is as corrupt and politically manipulated as many Arab justice systems. They always uncover corruption scandals of major Israeli officials but they always manage to avoid jail time, or if they do, they never get long sentences

The US and GCC regimes arranged for a meeting of...tribes in Libya; only the West can revive tribes and ancient traditional organizations

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Dore Gold

Dore Gold wrote his dissertation at Columbia about Saudi Arabia. The material was later published in a book titled "Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism (Regnery, 2003)." That was the time when Saudi-Israeli relations were not as solid as they are today.

The alliance between Stalin, Hizbullah, LA gangs, and Temorlane

""The day after Salazar’s arrival in Washington, Spain’s ABC newspaper published a detailed account of the emerging case against Cabello, and last month, ABC reporter Emili Blasco followed up with a book laying out the allegations of Salazar and other defectors, who say Cuba’s communist regime and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah have been cut in on the trafficking."" (thanks Joseph)

How can you take seriously someone who writes this?

"Jordan, too, is a vague geographical expression, but has enjoyed moderate governance through the genius of its ruling Hashemites".

Who said that imerialism ever went away in the first place?

"Imperialism may have fallen out of fashion, but history shows that the only other option is the kind of chaos we see today."

Christians with Hizbullah: you would never read this in the mainstream US press

'They Accept Us as We Are;' Christians Join Forces With Muslim Group Hezbollah to Fight ISIS in Lebanon".